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"Vocalist Contessa Black is happy about the blues"

Interview in: "The San Gabriel Valley Tribune", "The Pasadena Star News" and "The Whittier Daily News"

"Contessa Black has spent the past few years getting her licks down…In September, she released her first album, "Sick Woman (Looking for a Healthy Man)" (Contessa Black Music), which reflects her background, along with influences from a range of genres. "I have been singing jazz professionally for seven years now, but my main passion has been blues and the feeling that comes from (it)…I wanted to put the intensity and the feeling from blues and add other genres into the mix to make it more interesting."…her lyrics add to her appeal. "I try to make my lyrics a little more complicated…keep it understandable, but also make people think.” Black wrote all the material for her album…Inspiration comes mainly from relationships with friends and family, as well as issues she is trying to figure out…(She) infuses humor into her music. "The thing with blues is everyone automatically thinks it's depressing and I don't want all of my music to be depressing," she said. "I try to make them humorous and put them in a light that other people can relate to..." “I wanted it to be as real as possible, which is what blues and jazz are all about." CDBaby featured "Sick Woman" as one of its top albums under the dirty blues genre and she's been getting a lot of international sales from Brazil, Japan and other countries. "Sick Woman (Looking for a Healthy Man)" is available online at CDBaby and iTunes..Also visit"

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