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SDSU student gives 'healthy' dose of soul

Review in The Daily Aztec at San Diego State University

Contessa Black shows off her talents on her debut album "Sick Woman" “Contessa Black boasts an impressive track record, performing at many well-known venues such as the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, as well as singing back up for Josh Groban’s hit song “You Raise Me Up.” Black has maintained her unique voice while breaking into the music industry, even releasing her own album, “Sick Woman (Looking for a Healthy Man),” an album true to her gospel origins while incorporating a strong jazz and blues sound. Black is a San Diego State student who wrote and performed all her own music and lyrics for “Sick Woman (Looking for a Healthy Man).” The album opens with a soulful and slow melody with the song “Entertain Me,” showcasing her vocal talents and gradually moving into a faster beat and higher tone. Falling off the faster beats with “Feelin’ Low, Feelin’ Weak,” a monologue of a low time in her life, is saturated with the pain and sadness Black reminisces about in the song. The album as a whole tells a narrative of the singer’s love life in relation to the “Healthy Man” she’s seeking. Her vocals are rich, smooth and display a strong control of her vocal talents. Black is definitely a talent to be watched as she makes her way in the music industry…”

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