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"Local Girl Makes Good"

Cover Story: The American Foothill:

Contessa Black, Local Gal Makes Good! TUJUNGA – Contessa Black was born and raised with a Sunland/Tujunga diversity of talent. At the McGroarty Arts Center, she took her first dance and piano lessons; at Paschova Studios, she discovered hip-hop with professional New York dancers; learned swimming at the Y and riding horses on the trails. Tucked away in our town, are wonderful venues for established musicians as well as newcomers. At the Steel Pit Sportsbar, she was invited to sing a few of her original songs: in addition, her friend Glenn Clark (keyboardist for Bonnie Riatt and Jim Belusi) asked her to join him at Arnies Café, and the rest is history! Contessas great grandmother was a Pentecostal Holy Roller preacher and sang hillbilly gospel songs in her Texas church. Young Contessa was raised yodeling and singing gospel. As she continued to develop her own style writing and singing songs, she scored a place singing backup for Josh Groban on “You Raise Me Up” at the opening of the new Hollywood Bowl. Our “Local Girl Makes Good” has performed at the renowned Catalina’s Bar 7 Grill, improvised at the Ritz Carlton; jammed at the famous Sportsman’s Lodge & was accompanied by Bonnie Raitt’s keyboardist at homeless benefits. But, she is one of our own. Contessa has just released her first CD of original songs. “Sick Woman (Looking for a Healthy Man)” is a blues album with a jazz twist. She loves to mix cultural sounds. These diverse influences meld her music and song writing into her unique sound. You can purchase her album through or itunes.

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